Speglamag ©: The storage solution for high-quality glass.

High-quality sheet glass requires careful storage for brief or extended periods of time while awaiting further processing or resale. Sheets of glass are often loaded and unloaded several times during all stages from manufacturing to final installation. Frequent handling of glass may cause surface damage or staining. Sandblasted glass and etched glass are particularly vulnerable to staining.

Speglamag offers the perfect storage solution! It allows you to temporarily store up to 15 sheets with a thickness of up to 19 mm and a surface area of 1.6 x 2.7 m. Speglamag provides a swift, simple and safe solution and requires only minimal space on-site.

Glass manufacturers can now personally supply their customers directly!

Speglamag offers endless flexibility. The system can be easily repositioned and incorporated into the manufacturing site or process, at any time. Its clever design allows the glass to be inserted from either side, thus increasing ergonomic comfort for the user.

The system offers another considerable advantage. Traditional storage systems usually rest on the floor or are mounted onto the ceiling. Very rarely are they in the exact position you need them to be. Speglamag can simply be added to any existing installation in a cost-effective manner. Many expert manufacturers, retailers and craftsmen in the glass industry are already convinced by the quality of Speglamag.

(Speglamag is developed and manufactured by CE-Pack Belgium.)

Overview of advantages:

  • Storage of glass without the risk of scratching
  • Simple, easy and functional
  • No lifting devices required
  • Ergonomic height
  • Up to 15 glass sizes, up to 19 mm thickness
  • Suitable for specialty glass, including:
    • frosted glass
    • etched glass
    • tempered glass
    • ...
  • Used for storage while awaiting further processing, delivery or collection
  • Flexible on-site installation
  • Minimal space required (Height 2 m x Width 6 m x Depth 1.6 m)
  • Suitable for transport
  • Suitable for manufacturing plants and retail
  • Cost efficient

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Starting at EUR 3,900 (Excluding VAT and shipping expenses), no assembly required.